I have a passion for God’s Word and a desire to teach, lead, and encourage others. Whether writing Bible studies, devotions, articles for publications, or speaking at retreats and women’s groups, my desire is to allow the heartbeat of the Father to pour through my words.

I also enjoy gardening. I have a BS in Ornamental Horticulture from Clemson University and when my daughter left for college a few years ago, I returned to “playing in the dirt.” I worked part-time at a nursery  for four years where I designed containers and helped customers with plant selections. I serve on the board of our city’s Garden Club, as well as speak and do demonstrations on a variety of gardening topics.

Along with writing, speaking, and gardening I also enjoy Indoor Rowing. It has been a pleasant surprise to find a workout that helps me stay healthy as well as allows me t0 feel like an athlete again even at my age. I live in Simpsonville, SC with my husband where we continue to find our way as empty-nesters.


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  1. Posted by Carolyn Knefely on June 20, 2010 at 3:23 am


    How nice to discover a fellow speaker in Simpsonville, SC. I read and enjoyed your piece in Christian Devotions this week.

    My husband and I moved to Simpsonville from TX a year ago. We love it here. The people are wonderful.

    I am a not so perfect writer who following God’s call. I hope to run into you some time.

    Uplifting blessings,


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