Grandmother’s Love

My grandmother is no longer living however if she lived in these days you would see her riding down the country roads of her community in a mini-van with eight stenciled decals on the back windshield, five boys and 3 girls, with the caption “I love my Grandchildren.” The vanity license plate would read LV8GKDS and her front license plate would daringly say, “Let me tell you about my Grandchildren.” Her email address would proudly be and her Facebook profile picture would show all eight of us giving her a big hug. No matter what we did, she loved us even though we gave her plenty of reasons to quote scripture verses about “grace” and “patience.”

Sunday afternoons were spent in the country at the home of our grandparents. We had acres and acres to roam with games to play, battles to win, hunting expeditions to complete, and new territory to discover and claim in the name of our family. Before my Dad pulled the car to a stop under the hundred-year-old walnut tree, my brothers and I were twisting and turning to see if we were the first to arrive. We would bolt from the car, run get our hug from grandmother – how did she always know when we were coming? Did she stand there and wait all morning? – then take off towards the freedom and fun that lay before us. Woods to hike, ponds to skip rocks, fields to run, creeks to jump, old barns to explore, broken down tractors to pretend to drive, trees to climb – more than enough to keep us busy for an afternoon.

Yes, Grandmother loved us dearly, however our triumphs and plans did not always get the positive responses we imagined from her.  You see, the adventures we enjoyed were a constant interruption to her plans. She would have granddaddy sow grass seed, only to have the yard torn up with our mini-bikes and hours of kick the can. She would pick up sticks and clean her front yard for it to be destroyed by eight children having the apple fight of all apple fights. Antique furniture passed down through the family, with nicks and scratches that added character, were always being tumbled over and hid behind during great games of hide and seek.  Beautiful Christmas table centerpieces were destroyed at Christmas dinners. There was something about the little lit candles, shaped like angels and children in choir robes, beckoning us to try and cook our turkey or see who could hold their fingers in the flame the longest. Large mountains of leaves racked by grandmother during the week and waiting for granddaddy to pick up on the weekend were too tempting not to run through and throw up in the air to be swept away by the wind.

No matter what we did, or didn’t do, she loved us. Grass was re-sow, apple pies were baked, furniture was polished, Christmas centerpieces, including candle angels and children in choir robes re-appeared and leaves – well there was always time to rake leaves.

Back then technology wasn’t available for her to twitter, blog, or comment and post pictures on Facebook but we knew her heart was full of love for each one of us. No matter what had happened during the visit, we knew we would get the same warm hug we received when we arrived. And as she hugged us and told us good-bye, she actually asked when we were coming back. And we would come back, usually the next Sunday afternoon or on a Saturday to spend the night. We always wanted to go back. Not only for the fun, but because each one of us knew we had a very special place – not just a place where the adventures never stopped but most of all, a place where grandmother’s loved never changed!


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  1. Posted by April-Dawn on May 24, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Yes, “Grandmother” always knew how to make things wonderful and exciting. I am truly blessed to have been a part of her life, and she mine. Running thru the leaves, riding Ahad the horse, sliding down the rocks at the creek, having her famous honey toast, and the wonderful Christmas dinners. Yes, the candles seem to always make it through another year, and the memories still live on in our heart and mind. I thank God everyday for placing me in a family where I had such wonderful, God fearing women to learn from.


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