Front and Center

“. . . You will find him if you look for him with all your heart . . .” (Deut. 4:29).

The little girl ran out on the platform with her hands holding up the hem of her dress as if she were waiting to take a bow. She tiptoed, half skipped, tiptoed again, and then bounced until she reached her appointed spot. The dancers then came together in a circle of white.

It was the annual children’s program and all the dancers began to move keeping a watchful eye on each other, all but the little girl who tiptoed, half skipped, tiptoed and bounced. She kept looking toward my section. She would twirl then look towards the left side, row 4. All the girls raised their hands gracefully then dropped to the floor, arms stretched forward and heads bent down. All except for one who was looking towards the left side, row 4. She kept holding up her head, stretching to look over her shoulder and smiling.

I was so curious that I finally looked to my right near row 4 and found the object of the girl’s attention, her mother. She was waving her hand up and down, trying to encourage her daughter to keep her head down. The girls got back up, made a few more turns and exited the platform. Some were skipping, some running, all except one who was trailing behind and looking towards the left side, row 4.

I sat there smiling until the Lord spoke to my heart in such an endearing way. “Daughter, I want you to look for Me as you dance.”

I thought of all the times I have busily gone about doing what I thought was important and never once stopped to see if He was there with me. I have danced through life, going through the motions, running in circles and not once looking up to acknowledge His presence.

Now I try to make a conscience effort to look for the Lord as I go through my dance called life. Whether I tiptoe, half skip, or bounce I look towards the left side, row 4. The amazing thing is that I never find Him on row 4 – He is always front and center, His gaze only on me.


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